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California Couple Visits New York's Amish Trail and Amish Geo Trail

In planning a road trip around New York state, we found information on the Internet about Cattaraugus County, a short drive south of Niagara Falls and Buffalo.  We were immediately attracted by the opportunity to visit the local Amish merchants - their craftsmanship is well-known to us, even in California.  However, we were really sold when we discovered the New York Amish Geotrail, a set of geocaches located at interesting sites and businesses throughout the county.  With so much to do, we rearranged our schedule slightly so we would be able to spend more time in the area wi

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Randolph's Amish Trail Welcome Center

Amish Trail Welcome Center
72 Main Street
Randolph, NY 42° 9' 45.7056" N, 78° 58' 26.4252" W

The Randolph Area Community Development Coorporation (RACDC) has dedicated the front part of The Town Hall of Randolph as a Welcome Center.  Get an Amish Trail map, brochures, or stop in to see about going on a guided tour with RACDC!  There is 24/7 Access.  Read more about Randolph's Amish Trail Welcome Center

Randolph's Amish Trail Welcome Center offers What to See and center, information, visitor

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Brochure & Map

Get your own copy of an Amish Trail brochure & map stop by:

  • any of the Amish Trail businesses
  • the Persia Town Hall located at the Northern gateway to the trail
  • the Amish Trail Welcome Center in Randolph, New York the Southern gateway to the trail
  • County Center in Little Valley.
  • Information Center on I-86 in Allegany

Events along the Amish Trail

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